Ink It All Notice and Take-down Policy

Ink It All operates in good faith and strives to protect the intellectual property rights (IPR) of both our customers and third parties. We respond promptly and efficiently to notices alleging IPR infringement.

Collaboration is Key

This policy requires your cooperation. While Ink It All respects IPR and takes action based on valid notices, intellectual property owners hold the responsibility to safeguard their own rights. We don't claim legal expertise on IPR matters.

Reporting Alleged IPR Infringement

To inform Ink It All about a potential IPR infringement on our website, you must file a detailed statement of alleged IPR infringement. This statement should include the following details:

  1. The full name of the intellectual property right owner.
  2. Your full name and the name of the company you represent (if applicable).
  3. Your complete physical address, including city, state, and zip code.
  4. Your contact information, including email address and phone number with country code.
  5. A comprehensive description of the allegedly infringed intellectual property right.
  6. A clear explanation of the alleged infringement, including its location on the Ink It All website (URLs are helpful).
  7. A signed declaration stating your good faith belief that an IPR infringement has occurred.
  8. A statement confirming the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided in your Notice.
  9. A clear statement that you will indemnify Ink It All from any and all associated claims, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) that Ink It All may incur due to the notice.

Important Note

Making any misrepresentations or including inaccurate information in your Notice, whether intentional or unintentional, could result in legal liability for damages. Before submitting a Notice, we strongly recommend that you carefully consider relevant intellectual property (IP) defenses, limitations, or exceptions that may apply to your situation. Consulting with an attorney for specific legal advice regarding this policy is always advisable.

Submitting a Notice

To submit a Notice of Alleged Infringement, please download the infringement statement (Notice) file. Complete the information, print the document, sign it, and then email a scanned copy to us at legal@inkitall.